North Ranch Elementary
16406 North 61st Place,
Scottsdale, Arizona 85254

"My favorite PTA event is Pizza Bingo Night!
It was great fun to see so many children, parents and staff dressed up.  Everyone was excited to play and WIN! The food was yummy, the callers were enthusiastic and the smiles were ear to ear!"

- Cathy Brock

"My favorite event of course is Silent Auction. I love being able to mix and mingle with the parents and teachers in a relaxed atmosphere outside of the school. It's a lot of hard work to pull the event off but it's so gratifying to see the parents and teachers being able to enjoy a night out while raising funds to support the school."- Erica Sheade

Erica Sheade

Vice President

"My favorite PTA events are Country Fair and Movie Nights. My kids love playing with their friends and enjoying the rides that the fair has to offer. Movie nights are such a great way to relax with family and friends and build up our school community. 

-Kathryn Glasgow

"Silent Auction is a great chance to get to know other parents and staff while raising money for the school."

-Michelle Giesen

Michelle Giesen


Cathy Brock



our leadership team

Kathryn Glasgow